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AABA 2022-2023 Spring Season Schedule

DateGameDivisionTimeTeam 1VsTeam 2
February 251Open Division12:15pmArtsakhVsAparan
February 252Open Division1:30pmAcademy USAVsErebuni
February 253Open Division3:00pmHrazdanVsVan
March 44Open Division12:15pmAparanVsArmens
March 45Open Division1:30pmAvanVsAragats
March 46Open Division3:00pmAcademy USAVsArtsakh
March 117Open Division12:15pmVanVsAvan
March 118High School Division1:30pmRebelsVsBGU
March 119Open Division3:00pmHrazdanVsAragats
March 1110Open Division4:15pmArmensVsErebuni
March 1811Open Division12:15pmAparanVsAcademy USA
March 1812Open Division1:30pmHrazdanVsAvan
March 1813High School Division3:00pmBGUVsAll for One
March 1814Open Division4:15pmArtsakhVsErebuni
March 2515Open Division12:15pmAragatsVsVan
March 2516High School Division1:30pmRebelsVsAll for One
March 2517Open Division3:00pmArmensVsArtsakh
March 2518Open Division4:15pmErebuniVsAparan
April 119High School Division1:30pm3rd placeVs2nd place
April 120Open Division3:00pmAcademy USAVsArmens
April 821Open Division12:15pmDivision 1 – 1st placeVsDivision 2 – 4th place
April 822Open Division1:30pmDivision 2 – 1st placeVsDivision 1 – 4th place
April 823Open Division3:00pmDivision 1 – 3rd placeVsDivision 2 – 2nd place
April 824Open Division4:15pmDivision 1 – 2nd placeVsDivision 2 – 3rd place
April 1525Open Division1:30pmWinner of Game #21VsWinner of Game #24
April 1526Open Division3:00pmWinner of Game #22VsWinner of Game #23
April 2927High School Division12:15pm1st PlaceVsWinner of Game #21
April 2928Open Division2:00pmWinner of Game #25VsWinner of Game #26

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