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AABA Rulebook

Game Length and Clock Operations:

  1. The game will consist of four (4) 10-minute quarters, with a stop clock in operation.
  2. Halftime will last for 5 minutes.
  3. A 5-minute warmup period will take place prior to the start of the game.
  4. There will be a one (1) minute break between each quarter.
  5. The clock will stop on all whistles.
  6. In the last one (1) minute of the fourth quarter, the clock will stop after a made basket.

Ball Advancement and Shot Clock:

  1. In the last one (1) minute of the fourth quarter, teams will have the option to advance the ball using either the front or back court.
  2. In the fourth quarter only, once a team advances the ball, they will have 14 seconds on the shot clock to attempt a shot.
  3. Jump balls will take place at the start of the game, with the possession arrow used for in-game jump balls. Alternating arrow possession is allowed.
  4. A 24-second shot clock will be used. Shot clock resets will be 14 seconds in the front court, and will remain at its current time if above 14 seconds.
  5. All defensive backcourt, technical, and defensive fouls will reset the shot clock to 24 seconds.

Officials and Foul Limits:

  1. The game will be officiated by three (3) officials.
  2. Each player is limited to five (5) personal fouls per game.
  3. Teams are allocated five (5) full timeouts per game: two (2) in the first half and three (3) in the second half. In the last two (2) minutes of the fourth quarter, if a team has not used its three (3) timeouts, they will only have two (2) timeouts remaining.


  1. Overtime periods will last two (2) minutes, with the clock stopping on all whistles and stopping after a made basket in the last minute.
  2. Each team will have one (1) timeout per overtime period.
  3. In the last two (2) minutes of overtime, each team will have three (3) team fouls to shoot the penalty (2 free throws)

Team Roster and Eligibility:

  1. Four (4) non-Armenian players are eligible to be on the team roster, with a maximum of two (2) allowed on the court at the same time.
  2. Both zone and man-to-man defense are allowed.
  3. There is no defensive 3-second rule.
  4. If you’re on the roster and don’t play in any games you are a free agent. (We keep live stats and scorebook to confirm)
  5. If you sit out the whole year and not play and if you’re on a roster you become a free agent.
  6. If the coach/Gm agrees to release a player all parties must agree with the commissioner’s final confirmation.
  7. Once a temporary roster is sent and a player is not on it. The player is presumed a free agent.

Miscellaneous Rules:

  1. A delay of game warning will be issued for the first offense, with a technical foul for the second offense.
  2. Teams will shoot penalty free throws on the fifth team foul of each quarter. All penalty free throws are two shots.
  3. Teams have 8 seconds to advance the ball over the half-court line.
  4. Only the head coach is allowed to stand during the game. Players may stand to cheer but must be seated immediately afterward.
  5. Non-shooting fouls will be inbounded at the nearest spot to the point of interruption.
  6. If a player leaves the bench to fight or argue with an opposing player or official, they will be automatically ejected (no technical foul) and face a suspension as determined by the commissioner.

Playoff Roster Eligibility:

  1. A player must have played in five (5) regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs.
  2. In the event the season is cut short for any reason, players must have played in at least two (2) regular season games to be eligible.

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